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”After Day One, I put away the fear and went to present my WORTH to a client. What do you know? They agreed that I am worth a whole lot more and they are recompensing me now inline with my worth!”

The Basis of Everything in Your Life...

I'm sure you've heard the expression that everything you have or don’t have in your life is a result of your habits.  

When we think about improving our lives, it's our habits that we've been taught to focus on changing. 
But there is something even more foundational than habits. 
Something that is the basis of everything in your life… and that’s self-love, which leads to self-worth.
Self-Love is the root to all of the success you desire... but it's a concept that is at its best ignored and its worst, mocked.
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Worthy of Self-Love

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What's it like to learn from Sandra?
Insights From Her Current Students...

Helped Me Make Two Big Decisions
“Acceptance was mind blowing for me. Reflecting on my sameness has helped me make two big decisions this month and I was not even aware that it was me pausing on my sameness that made me realize that I really don’t want to stay there. My pattern is giving up on my goals before I even start, because now I know that I am subconsciously protecting myself from failure and disappointing myself.”

- Neliswa M.

“Wow, for me it has been a week of BIG WINS. It has been really phenomenal. After Day One, I put away the fear and went to present my WORTH to a client. What do you know? They agreed that I am worth a whole lot more and they are recompensing me now inline with my worth! I should have presented my worth way back, but I am glad I had the realization now and managed to make the change. All along it was me keeping myself away from my worth.”

- Joyce S.

Such A Great Twist
“I love the statement that fear will be with us if we act or stay static. Such a great twist on how to view things. My biggest takeaways are about naming my obstacles. Two new ones leapt to my attention today!”

- Patty W.

I Really Felt Energized
“I had a really busy day yesterday, but Sandra always achieves to get me in the here and now with her thoughts. After the session I really felt energized and curious about being more aware about my thought in my current situation.”

 - Berta B.

Important To Be Grounded
“Today’s session reminded me that before jumping to make changes it is so important to be grounded, to accept where I am and to contemplate my current state of being.”
- Sharon I.

“Thank you for the thought-provoking talk. I realized that sabotaging myself has become a habit that involved fear and being in my comfort zone.”
- Molly M.

Day 3 Moved Me...
“Day 3 moved me. It was great to get that moment where your eyes are opened and you realize EXACTLY what you need to do. Forever grateful.”
- Lynette N.

Thank You So Much For Your Selflessness
“I am waiting for Day Four like my life depends on it! Thank you so much for your selflessness and obeying your inner voice to share this wisdom with us.”
- Cleopatra P.

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